exhaustive repetition Produces consistent outcomes 

    A Specific Focus on Data Infrastructure 

    You want an expert. A company that wakes up thinking about it. Relentlessly pursuing perfection. Telmon understands that. We have been maniacally focused on data infrastructure services for 25 years. Passion coupled with constant repetition is the foundation of our Seriously Predictable® mentality.

    Structured for Scalability & Flexibility

    Telmon has executed hundreds of cabling infrastructure installations across the United States. Many of which included network equipment and wireless components (APs, controllers, firewalls, passive surveys, etc.) Projects have been completed for the following industries including commercial, retail, and industrial.

    • Shielded/unshielded twisted pair, fiber optic, coaxial, 2 wire general use, and multi-pair
    • Work to industry standards including TIA/EIA and BICSI
      • Telmon is a BICSI Corporate Member with RCDDs on staff
      • Physical infrastructure design services
    • Horizontal distribution from the telecom room to the interior space of the customer's suite, office or facility
    • Vertical distribution through building core riser space
    • State of the art Fluke certification test units calibrated to current testing specifications
    • Demarc extension/inside wiring

    A Consistent Experience Nationwide

    We realize your requirements span cities, states, and coasts. Telmon built our field capabilities with a single goal in mind: scalability. With a proven track record of managing and executing nationwide projects, learn how our seriously predictable methodology can work for you.

    Typical Deployment Projects

    • Single phase UPS installs
      • APC Partner
      • Emerson-Liebert Partner
        • Certified Emerson-Liebert single phase service partner
    • Data room buildouts and network equipment installations
    • Moves, Adds, and Changes
    • AP installation and cabling
    • Centralized network equipment staging and deployment
    • National presence multiphase project experience
    • IP telephony equipment staging and deployment
    • Multi-market experience
      • Retail
      • Warehouse
      • Industrial o Small to Medium Business
      • Enterprise




    Accommodating Changes Within Your Business

    Connectivity is a must. Telmon offers a suite of capabilities to ensure your relocation is smooth and without major disruption to operating your day-to-day business. 

    • Workstation/employee relocation support: dismantling, reconnecting, and testing workstations, communications equipment, and multi-function devices
    • Closet equipment: data and voice
    • Structured cabling

    Qualified Technicians Where & When You Need Them

    Telmon will dispatch a “Smart Hands” technician to your project location to work at the direction of your NOC or engineering team.

    • Experience with Cisco series switches
    • UPS battery replacement experience
    • Wireless AP experience
    • Telephony systems
      • This includes physical moves, server/router rack/stack and console configurations at the direction of the Customer NOC.
      • Telmon does not perform Telephony programming.
    • Physically move the physical servers, switches, routers, and racks from rack to rack to rack and/or place to place, but at no time will our smart hands console into or log into any customer network equipment or servers behind their firewall.
    • Telmon can install or replace physical hardware.
      • Does not include server OS patching or application support.
    • Telmon Technicians will have the following equipment for dispatch: 
      • Laptop
      • Serial console cable for the router
      • Basic hand tools

    Reduce the Distractions. Increase Productivity.  

    Sound masking limits the amount of speech noise in a given space restoring the ability to concentrate. The technology essentially uses ambient noise to drown out the speech noise. When you can’t understand his or her words, it becomes less distracting — in fact, you may not even notice someone else is speaking.

    Sound masking technology is not noise canceling or eliminating noise, it is simply focused on reduction. Telmon's team of field engineers specialize in deploying sound masking solutions to fit your requirements. Engage our team to discuss your next project and we can help be your trusted advisor for building a predictable solution.



    The Telmon technician did an outstanding job with this project. He seamlessly handled all the cabling, AV set-up, desk set-ups and cable demo. He also did a great job on go live day to ensure everyone was fully operational.
    - A Happy Customer from the Fortune 500
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