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    At the heart of every good partnership is mutual benefit. At ETS we believe our customers benefit most from pairing our outcome focused services approach with best-in-class technology manufacturers. The partnerships  deliver a true business solution to solve your pressing challenges.

    The World Leader in Sound Masking

    Over 20,000 companies trust Cambridge Sound Management office sound masking solution to create more productive, secure, and comfortable offices.

    Our patented sound masking technology is designed to reduce noise distractions and protect speech privacy. Sound Masking is specifically engineered to mask human speech and help boost productivity and privacy.

    Couple the best sound masking with ETS' national delivery greatness and the result is a solution without worry. A solution that works. (we'll forgive you if you don't keep that private).

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    For a fraction of the cost of DAS

    ETS offers cellular signal enhancement using Wilson Pro commercial and industrial grade cellular amplifiers. Enjoy the largest expansion of mobile coverage at fraction of the cost of traditional DAS systems (add what DAS stands for). 

    From small to large buildings we can boost your cellular signal coverage for all devices! Trust the delivery partner that Wilson Pro trusts: ETS. 

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    The ETS technician did an outstanding job with this project. He seamlessly handled all the cabling, AV set-up, desk set-ups and cable demo. He also did a great job on go live day to ensure everyone was fully operational.
    - A Happy Customer from the Fortune 500

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